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  • Category: Slip & Fall

    Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Warn of Increased Accident Risk during Winter Storms

    Winter weather is expected to impact the Philadelphia area this week.  Snow, sleet, and ice may make it difficult and dangerous to get around.  Philadelphia winter storms are often followed by a brief thawing and then refreezing which creates icy roads, sidewalks, and parking lots if they are not properly treated.  Black ice, which forms[…]

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    Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Provide Winter Safety Tips

    Mother Nature has not been kind to the Philadelphia region this winter. Icy and snowy conditions […]

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    Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney: Avoiding Slip & Fall Accidents in Ice and Snow Conditions

    According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) over 1,000,000 Americans suffer a slip, trip or fall injuries and over 17,000 people die […]

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    Winter Weather Poses Danger for Slip and Fall Injuries

    The winter season and colder temperatures are fast approaching. The harsher weather brings ice and snow and the greater potential for slip and fall accidents. Sometimes, these accidents are simply just an unfortunate mishap that will not result in an injury. However, often times a slip and fall accident occurs as a result of negligence of a property owner and serious injuries occur.

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