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  • Crime Victim Rights Attorneys

    A victim of a crime does not control the criminal justice system—the state brings the criminal to justice. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system will not pay damages to the victim or the victim’s family for the harm done. Even if the victim witnesses the perpetrator receive just punishment, they are still left with physical, psychological and monetary losses and/or no compensation.

    But victims are not without a civil remedy. They have the right to full and complete damages from the perpetrator of the crime and any third party who permitted the crime to be committed. A successful civil action suit can result in monetary recovery. Even in a situation where a conviction is not obtained, the victim can bring a civil claim for damages against the perpetrator or a responsible third party.

    Damages can be recovered if the perpetrator is financially responsible or has an insurance policy that can cover the claim. A few common causes of civil claims are:

    • Assault
    • Battery
    • False imprisonment
    • Intentionally inflicting physical harm and emotional distress
    • Wrongful death

    When a recovery is made against a third party, it is based on what is owed to the crime victim by the third party. It permits the crime victim to be compensated by someone other than the perpetrator. Third parties are often businesses or corporations. This can offer the victim an alternative source for collecting damages that may not be collectable from the perpetrator. Most claims of third-party liability are made against a property owner where the crime occurred. These claims often cite the failure of a property owner to take proper security measures when a criminal attack was foreseeable.

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