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  • Category: Workers’ Compensation

    Who Is the Most At Risk of Suffering a Burn Injury at Work?

    Workplace accidents can cause severe burn injuries in various ways and result in deadly consequences. Even minor burn injuries can require surgeries and extended time missed from work. Despite required safety measures and precautions, burns continue to be a common type of injury in the workplace.   A wide range of workers, including construction workers,[…]

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    Outdoor Workers at Risk for Heat-Related Injuries

    According to a recent report released by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI), the risk of sustaining a heat-related injury or illness in the workplace grows from 5% to 6% when temperatures begin to creep above 90 degrees. High temperatures create unique occupational dangers, such as the increased chance of experiencing a traumatic injury (like[…]

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    April 28th is Workers’ Memorial Day

    Workers’ Memorial Day is observed by individuals and organizations across the globe. Every year, April 28th is a day of remembrance and action in honor of workers who have been killed, disabled, injured, or made ill by their work. For locals, PhilaPOSH (the Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety and Health) will be hosting its[…]

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    DOL’s New Rule to Limit Coal Miner’s Exposure to Silica Dust

    Black lung disease, which occurs when a person inhales coal dust – particularly silica dust – is most common among coal miners. Because of this, it is often considered an occupational disease. Although there is a wealth of information on how dangerous inhalable silica is and documenting the multitude of harm that it causes, allowable[…]

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    Pennsylvania Workers Sustain Highest Fatality Rate in Almost a Decade

    According to the most recent numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more Pennsylvania workers died from occupational injuries in 2022 than in the previous nine years. In addition, 126,400 others sustained significant work-related injuries during that same period. The numbers paint a story of the numerous risks that workers face and show how[…]

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