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The Top Five Health Threats Women Face

Certain diseases and conditions are more likely to affect women than men. and according to medical research, there are five main threats to women’s health. The good news is most of them are preventable or treatable through early detection. The more informed women are about the health risks they face the more precautions they will[…]

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Maternal Deaths: Post-Birth Preeclampsia and Others

Somewhere between 700-900 women die in the U.S. each year from childbirth or pregnancy-related causes. In fact, women in this country are at three-times the risk for dying during the “maternal period” (from the start of pregnancy to one year after giving birth) as those in Canada are. The number of women who die from[…]

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Eating While Driving can be Dangerous

By now, most people know just how deadly different types of distracted driving can be. Some of the common culprits behind distracted driving are texting and making or receiving phone calls. However, new research indicates that eating and/or drinking while driving may be almost as dangerous as cell phone use. According to the National Highway[…]

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Recall Alert: Ford

Auto Maker Pulls F150’s, Mustangs and More Altogether, approximately 143,000 different types of Ford model vehicles have been recalled throughout North America due to various types of consumer hazards during the summer months alone. With the reasons behind the recalls ranging from an increased likelihood of vehicular crashes to lethally defective airbags that increase a[…]

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Home Depot to Pay $5.7 Million Penalty for Selling Recalled Products

According to a recent news release from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Home Depot has agreed to pay a $5.7 million civil penalty for distributing recalled products that posed various safety hazards to American consumers. Beginning in 2012 and continuing for the next four years, Home Depot sold dangerous, recalled items. Product recalls are[…]

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