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Pennsylvania Snow Removal Law for Vehicles

Pennsylvania drivers will face dangerous snow and ice conditions on the roadways this winter. Many drivers fail to recognize hazardous driving conditions start when a driver fails to properly remove ice and snow from their vehicles prior to operation. Driving with an obstructed view or having ice or snow unexpectedly block a driver’s field of[…]

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Work Zones and Self-Driving Cars

Despite the fatal incident involving a female pedestrian in Arizona just last year, Pennsylvania’s legislature is now allowing Uber Technologies to test its self-driving vehicles on public roadways in Pittsburgh. Although the state has created stringent rules for Uber to abide by this time around, the pedestrian’s death, as well as some other points of[…]

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Trench Deaths on the Rise

Recent data shows the construction market is rebounding. While this is a good sign for the economy, a construction boom may be associated with lapses in safety. Likewise, a shortage of skilled labor has resulted in an uptick of serious injuries and fatalities related to trench collapses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which compiles nationwide[…]

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New Study on Screen Time and Kids

The early results from a recent $300 million National Institute of Health (NIH) study indicate that children who log a certain amount of screen time undergo certain brain changes, some of which the researchers worry could be damaging. What Counts as “Screen Time”? Screen time is anything someone does in front of a screen, like[…]

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Exercising After a Heart Attack

According to findings from a recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, low amounts of exercise in the year following a heart attack can greatly reduce a person’s likelihood of dying from associated cardiac events. Quick Stats on Heart Attacks The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that every[…]

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