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  • Category: Personal Injury

    What Should I Do if I Slip and Fall at Work?

    Slip and fall accidents are among the most common workplace accidents. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that 22 percent of workplace slip and fall accidents cause workers to miss more than a month and are the leading cause of workplace injuries in certain industries. The Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation receives over 160,000 work-related injury[…]

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    Youth Sports: Preventing Burnout and Injury

    Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) took a close look at the pros and cons associated with participation in youth sports. While there are many physical and mental benefits for kids and teens who participate, data shows that nearly three-quarters withdraw from their activities by 13-years-old. To bolster participation turnout and promote safety, the[…]

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    March 17th–24th is National Poison Prevention Week

    You may not know it, but household items like cleaning agents, prescription medications and pesticides can be dangerous to your two-legged and four-legged family members alike. Congress created National Poison Prevention Week, an annual, week-long awareness campaign, in 1961 to teach Americans about unintentional poisonings and how to safely store (as well as dispose of)[…]

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    Why You Should Refer Your Personal Injury Case to Galfand Berger

    For over  75 years, Galfand Berger has helped people hurt because of automobile accidents, defective products, unsafe equipment and machinery, workplace and construction accidents, Workers’ Compensation claims, medical malpractice and any other serious personal injuries or accidents. Clients may come to your office with a potential personal injury (PI) case.  If you’re a l, and this is outside your practice[…]

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    Researchers Create New Female Crash Test Dummy to Represent the Average Woman

    Automobile manufacturers first began conducting crash tests back in the 1960s. These tests relied on living males, not dummies, to simulate what the body underwent during an accident. In 1976, the Hybrid III model (the first test dummy) replaced live auto crash testers. While the decision to begin using dummies instead of living subjects was[…]

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