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  • What Are Common Types of Premises Liability Accidents?

    Under Pennsylvania’s premises liability laws, private and public property owners are required to make a reasonable effort to keep their indoor and outdoor spaces safe for visitors. Premises liability laws exist because all kinds of properties require ongoing vigilance, supervision, and maintenance in order to avoid accidents and preventable injuries. When a property owner, landlord,[…]

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    Who Is Liable if I Have Been Injured at My Apartment?

    Apartment accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons, and in many cases, are the result of landlords failing to fulfill their obligation to keep the premises safe for all tenants, guests, and visitors. Under Pennsylvania law, private individuals and businesses that are landlords can be held liable for accidents and injuries at rented[…]

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    Do You Know What to Do if You Slip and Fall in a Public Place?

    Some people know what it is like to slip and fall in public. A natural human instinct is to get up quickly and brush it off as if nothing happened. However, with many slip and falls that occur in a public place, the result is more serious than mild embarrassment. Trip and fall accidents can[…]

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    How Common Are Elevator Accidents?

    Elevator accidents may seem rare, but these incidents do happen and cause a range of serious injuries. You may take them for granted, but elevators are powerful machines that can be dangerous. They pose risks not only to riders but also for the people who work in or near them. There are several reasons why[…]

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    How to Make Sure Your Rental Home is Safe

    Vacation is a time for exploration, rest, relaxation and fun. Every year, millions of Americans rent residential vacation spaces through online lodging services like Airbnb, HomeToGo, VRBO, and Tripping instead of booking commercial hotels or motels. Customers have the option to rent private or shared spaces and can also book a property for multiple people[…]

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