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  • Category: Employment Law

    Who Is the Most At Risk of Suffering a Burn Injury at Work?

    Workplace accidents can cause severe burn injuries in various ways and result in deadly consequences. Even minor burn injuries can require surgeries and extended time missed from work. Despite required safety measures and precautions, burns continue to be a common type of injury in the workplace.   A wide range of workers, including construction workers,[…]

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    Pennsylvania’s Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program

    Pennsylvania’s Secretary of the Department of Labor and Industry (L&I) announced that the state has started accepting applications for its Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, or PUA program. Independent contractors, self-employed individuals, gig workers, and others who are not eligible for regular unemployment compensation benefits may now start applying for assistance through the PUA program, which are[…]

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    New Philadelphia Ordinance To Fight Small Sum Wage Thefts

    Just a few months ago, Philadelphia enacted a new ordinance that targets employers who owe wages to their employees. It has often been difficult for employees to collect owed wages from employers, especially when the amount in question is considered small. This new ordinance applies to small sums of owed wages, ranging from $100-$10,000. Before[…]

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    President Signs Paid Sick Leave Executive Order

    President Obama signed an executive order guaranteeing paid sick leave to employees of federal contractors. The order extends paid sick leave to around 300,000 employees who previously had none.  The order comes on the heel of ordinances in Philadelphia and other states granting sick leave for workers.  Obama announced the policy on Labor Day at[…]

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    Philadelphia Employment Lawyers Discuss Supreme Court Win for Pregnant Workers

    The United States Supreme Court recently ruled companies must treat pregnant workers the same as injured workers with similar restrictions. In Young vs. United Parcel Service, Peggy Young sued UPS for pregnancy discrimination after UPS placed her on unpaid leave rather than light duty. She had been working for UPS in Maryland when she became[…]

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