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Unions Face Serious Trouble

As the result of a recent United States Supreme Court decision, public employee unions across the country are in danger of disappearing altogether, and workers may face serious health and safety risks. Called the Janus decision, the ruling is likely to leave working individuals without numerous protections that Union representation provided them. How do Unions[…]

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Electrical Accidents

Electrical accidents often leave victims with serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Electricians are at the highest risk for these types of injuries; but workers in all types of occupations, including construction workers, those in the manufacturing industry, and even office workers may also be at risk. Technology has filtered into every workplace, making the need[…]

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Tree Stand Dangers

Tree stands – also commonly called “deer stands” – are open or enclosed platforms that hunters use as stable, secure outlooks for increased hunting visibility. Although manufacturers are generally responsible for creating safe and effective products, a lack of regulations coupled with manufacturing defects and unreasonably dangerous tree stands currently cause more fatalities for hunters[…]

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New Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines

Recently, the American Cancer Society (ACS) released its updated guidelines for colorectal cancer screening. One of the biggest takeaways is that most people should now start getting screened at the age of 45 (older guidelines recommended starting screenings at 50-years-old and above), though the ACS made some other changes that are also important to note.[…]

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Remembering Fallen Workers

Every year, preventable workplace accidents injure or kill thousands of workers, and even more die from job-related diseases. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), most of these incidents could be avoided if employers prioritize worker safety. Which Workers are at the Greatest Risk? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as “OSHA”, reports[…]

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