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The Different Types of Product Liability Lawsuits

By Richard Jurewicz, Esq. When a person is injured using an industrial or consumer product there are different types of claims.  Typically, these depend upon how and why the person was injured.  The four types of defect claims include: DESIGN DEFECT – is a flaw that is not limited to one particular product but typically[…]

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New Bill Puts Injured Workers at Risk

New legislation that is currently pending in Pennsylvania’s House Labor & Industry Committee could seriously affect the health and safety of injured workers, as well as limit the amount of effective care their doctors are able to provide. At Galfand Berger, we know how important it is for injured workers to receive comprehensive and effective[…]

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Snow and Ice Removal

Depending on where you live, the laws concerning who is responsible for shoveling snow and clearing sidewalks can vary. As a result of a citywide ordinance throughout Philadelphia all businesses, home owners, landlords and even some renters are legally obligated to remove snow from sidewalks within 6 hours of a storm and snow accumulation. Some[…]

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Safety Tips for Shoveling Snow

As surprising as it may sound, the National Safety Council (NSC) reports that thousands of people are injured – and as many as 100 die – from snow shoveling-related injuries and medical complications every year. According to medical professionals, shoveling snow can put lots of stress on a person’s heart. As such, it’s best to[…]

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Safety for Wintertime Activities

Every year the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) launches an awareness campaign as part of its National Safety Month. The campaign aims to keep snowboarders and skiers safe as they visit the slopes to have fun with these popular winter activities. According to recent data from the NSAA, 44 fatalities occurred during the 2016-17 ski[…]

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