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  • Survey Shows More Than Half of Americans Use Cellphones While Driving

    According to results from a new survey conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), half of the drivers in the United States use a cellphone or some other type of electronic device when they are behind the wheel. While gathering results from respondents, the survey employed something called the “Health Belief Model”. Researchers[…]

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    Colorectal Cancer Rates Continue to Grow in Young Americans

    According to a new report written by researchers at the American Cancer Society (ACS), colorectal cancer rates in individuals under the age of 50 have grown by a whopping 50% since the mid-nineties. While most people in this age group may believe they are too young to receive a cancer diagnosis, this new data proves[…]

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    What Types of Defective Products Cause the Most Injuries at Work?

    Pennsylvania workers in high-risk industries, such as manufacturing and construction, are more likely to sustain a workplace injury due to the dangerous machinery and equipment they come in contact with every day. Malfunctioning forklifts, defective power tools, unsafe machinery, and faulty scaffolding are all common causes of serious injuries at work. Generally, individuals who gets[…]

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    Pennsylvania Court Rules on Medical Marijuana: Employers Can Reimburse Employees

    Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania state appellate court issued a pair of rulings declaring that employers are required to reimburse claimants for out-of-pocket costs for medical marijuana. The decision marks a legal milestone for injured workers who rely on state-approved medical cannabis to treat their work-related injuries and/or illnesses. A Brief Breakdown on Occupational Injuries[…]

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    Galfand Berger LLP Stands Ready to Help Victims of Fatal Work Explosions

    On Friday, March 24, 2023, a catastrophic explosion occurred at a historic chocolate factory in West Reading, Pennsylvania, killing at least 7 victims and leaving many others injured. Witnesses reported hearing a deafening explosion at the R.M. Palmer Company buildings at approximately 5 pm, immediately followed by visible flames. The fatal blast demolished the well-known[…]

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