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  • How Johnson & Johnson is Texas Two-Stepping its Way Out of Paying Injured Victims

    Back in 1989, it was the Texas legislature that made it legal for a single corporation to divide into two or more entities in a move many call the “Texas two-step” today. And the Texas two-step is exactly what Johnson & Johnson, a company worth nearly half a trillion dollars, did last year. It declared[…]

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    Companies Join Together to Reduce Workplace Injuries

    Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are injuries and disorders that affect the body’s movement or musculoskeletal system; they are also the most prevalent type of occupational injury that workers sustain. To create a safer work environment, the National Safety Council (NSC) is leading a global effort that it calls the “MSD Pledge”. So far, more than 100[…]

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    Portable Generator Manufacturers Know They Could Make Their Products Safer but Many Don’t

    Last September, a mother and her two sons died from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning inside their home after their portable generator’s shut-off switch seemingly failed to activate. The generator was on the family’s porch instead of being a minimum of 20 feet away from the home, but the unit was also equipped with a supposedly[…]

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    Why Are Car Accidents More Common in the Fall?

    Most people think winter is the most dangerous time of the year for car accidents. While winters in Pennsylvania come with inherent risks, the fall season contributes its own share of hazards to motorists and others on the road. It is also a time of year when the weather is unpredictable. Car accidents happen more[…]

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    New Hard Hat Technology Offers Added Protection Against Brain Injuries

    Hard hats were invented just over 100 years ago, and it is safe to say that the technology has not changed that drastically in the last 50 to 60 years – until now.  A hard hat is a type of helmet that is typically used in workplace environments to protect the head from injury due[…]

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