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  • Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Remind Drivers to Travel Safely this Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year, which means busy highways, people rushing to get where they want to go and drivers who may be drowsy or intoxicated after their Thanksgiving meal. Rain or snow can cause hazardous driving conditions and heavy traffic can leave drivers feeling anxious and stressed. While[…]

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    Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyers: Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Benefits

    When you are injured on the job and unable to work, you can be thrust into a very precarious position. Medical bills, prescription medications, physical and cognitive therapies, and ongoing treatments related to the recovery of your workplace injury can quickly deplete your financial resources. Fortunately for those who are injured on the job in[…]

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    Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyers Discuss Proposed Transportation Bill

    The latest controversy in the trucking industry is whether or not Congress is going to approve a bill that will allow 33-foot long trailers to operate on highways. This is a five-foot increase from the standard 28 feet. While safety advocates believe this will increase the risk of serious truck accidents, supporters of the bill[…]

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    Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers: Proposed Legislation Targets Truck Safety

    Accidents involving large trucks claim thousands of lives each year and leave many more injured. As a result, Congress is considering the Truck Safety Act. As proposed, the legislation would strengthen some regulations already on the books while introducing others which reflect not only advances in technology, but also changing economic times. With regard to[…]

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    Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Warn Travelers of Labor Day Weekend Dangers

    Summer is winding down, and many will be taking advantage of Labor Day weekend to get in a last minute trip or celebration with friends. Last year, an estimated 35 million people across the country traveled more that 50 miles over the long weekend. As people are driving to beaches and barbecues, Philadelphia car accident[…]

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