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  • Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Remind Drivers to Travel Safely this Thanksgiving

    thanksgivingThanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year, which means busy highways, people rushing to get where they want to go and drivers who may be drowsy or intoxicated after their Thanksgiving meal. Rain or snow can cause hazardous driving conditions and heavy traffic can leave drivers feeling anxious and stressed. While these do not always result in the most pleasant travel conditions, it is always important to keep safety a priority.

    Make the most of your time with family and friends this Thanksgiving by following some of these simple tips.

    • If possible, try to avoid driving on the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving, which are the most highly traveled days surrounding the holiday.
    • Make sure all passengers are buckled up properly.
    • Be well rested before starting a long drive. Share the driving responsibilities with another adult if you feel drowsy.
    • Fill your gas tank before heading out for a long drive.
    • Have your car properly maintained to avoid any car trouble on the way to your destination.
    • Always follow the rules of the road, including speed limits. Speeding and tailgating can increase your chance of being in a car accident.
    • Avoid the use of cell phones. Talking or texting while driving takes your attention away from the road, increasing your risk of being in a car accident.
    • Make frequent stops if needed in order to rotate drivers, get fuel, use the rest rooms or check alternate routes to avoid traffic.
    • Keep headlights, taillights, signal lights and windows clean so that you can see, particularly at night.
    • Turn your headlights on as soon as dusk approaches or if the weather requires them for visibility.
    • If you have car trouble, pull off the road far enough away from oncoming traffic.
    • If you get stuck in the snow, stay with the car, tie a brightly colored cloth to your antenna for rescuers to see and keep the vehicle’s overhead light on for additional visual assistance.
    • Always carry an emergency preparedness kit in the truck.

    Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at Galfand Berger LLP Represent Victims of Road Collisions

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