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  • Major Traffic and Fire Disaster on I-95

    Personal injury lawyers help those involved in highway accidents, specifically the I-95 collapse.The major I-95 collapse, A large section of northbound I-95 in Philadelphia collapsed after a huge tanker truck caught fire on Sunday morning. As Pennsylvania commuters struggle with the adjustment, this will take months to remedy. The cause of a massive truck fire on I-95 near Philadelphia is still under investigation.

    According to officials, the commercial-owned truck was carrying a petroleum-explosive product and had been stuck under the collapsed highway. Authorities have identified at least one victim caught in the fire and the collapse, which occurred around 6:20 a.m. on the morning of June 11th.   They are trying to work out a way to connect the highway beyond detours and working with federal officials on the problem.

    The biggest issue is that the destroyed part of the highway is the busiest interstate in Pennsylvania. The fire is now under control. Unfortunately, Philadelphia area residents must avoid the area and plan for alternative travel routes.

    To learn more about I-95 collapse, and travel routes, visit I-95.  This state website provides the  latest details regarding the investigation and provides ways to avoid the area and continue your travels.

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