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  • What Should I Do if I am Injured in a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident?

    multi vehicle car accident on Pennsylvania highwayBeing involved in any type of car accident that results in serious injuries can be a traumatic experience. When more than two vehicles are involved in the crash, it is not only more dangerous, but also a more complicated claims process. If you have been injured in a multi-vehicle crash, it is crucial to contact an experienced car accident lawyer.

    There are several important steps to take after being involved in a multi-vehicle crash:

    • Do not get out of your car unless it is safe to do so.
    • Call 911.
    • Seek immediate medical attention.
    • Take pictures or videos of the scene if possible.
    • Exchange information with other parties and any eyewitnesses.
    • Obtain copies of the police report.
    • Preserve documentation of medical treatment.
    • Contact an experienced car accident lawyer.

    It is essential to work with a reputable law firm to ensure your future is protected after an accident. Multi-vehicle car accident cases are complicated and require the specific knowledge of an attorney.

    How Do Multi-Vehicle Car Accidents Occur?

    Pileups involving more than two vehicles frequently happen on highways when cars travel too closely to each other at high speeds. Heavy traffic, distracted driving, and poor road conditions are all common contributors to multi-vehicle car accidents. Multi-vehicle car accidents are the result of a chain reaction initiated by a crash between two vehicles.

    When one car hits another in a rear-end collision, the impact can propel a row of vehicles to crash into each other. Sometimes, one car can collide with a second vehicle, forcing it to crash into cars in other lanes or oncoming traffic. It is common for a two-car accident to create an obstacle that other unsuspecting drivers are unable to avoid.

    Multi-vehicle car collisions on Pennsylvania roads are often the result of:

    • Speeding.
    • Distracted driving.
    • Driving under the influence.
    • Drowsy driving.
    • Failing to yield.
    • Tailgating.
    • Mechanical defects.
    • Poor weather or road conditions.

    What Are Common Injuries Seen in Multi-Vehicle Crashes?

    Innocent drivers and occupants involved in a multi-vehicle crash are vulnerable to injuries such as:

    • Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries.
    • Permanent scarring and disfigurement.
    • Burns and lacerations.
    • Complex fractures and broken bones.
    • Internal injuries.
    • Head trauma.
    • Traumatic brain injuries.

    Who Is Liable for a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident?

    Accidents become more complicated when several vehicles are involved. The driver that hit you may not be the primary driver at fault for the accident. This is especially the case if that car was hit by another driver first. Untangling the facts in a multi-vehicle collision requires the specific experience and knowledge of a car accident lawyer who can protect your rights.

    Determining liability in a chain reaction accident can be difficult. Liability and compensation also depend on whether the accident was strictly between passenger cars or if there were buses or commercial trucks involved.

    A car accident lawyer can help determine liability in the following ways:

    • Perform a thorough investigation of the crash.
    • Examine photos of the accident scene.
    • Interview eyewitness.
    • Review police report.
    • Gather medical documentation.
    • Identify all liable parties.

    Pennsylvania is a “modified” comparative negligence state. This means that claimants have the right to pursue compensation and damages as long as they are not found to be more at fault than the other parties involved in the car accident. In Pennsylvania, claimants can recover financial awards if they were less than 51 percent at fault for the crash.

    Recovering Compensation

    Injuries that can be suffered in a multi-vehicle accident are often severe and can even be fatal. Our legal team firmly believes that all negligent parties involved in a serious accident should be held accountable.

    You may be entitled to compensation for the following after a multi-vehicle accident:

    • Medical bills.
    • Costs of ongoing care.
    • Lost wages.
    • Diminished earning capacity.
    • Medical devices and home alterations.
    • Out-of-pocket costs.
    • Pain and suffering.
    • Emotional distress.
    • Loss of life’s enjoyment.
    • Loss of companionship and consortium.

    How Can a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

    Our attorneys have a broad knowledge of Pennsylvania laws. If you or someone you love was involved in a multi-vehicle car accident, you need a trusted legal team to ensure your case is handled properly. These kinds of accidents can be catastrophic and life changing. We have seen firsthand the physical, emotional, and financial hardships our clients have endured after experiencing a dangerous crash.

    There are often multiple parties who file claims with several insurance companies under various policies. Our experienced attorneys have a keen understanding of liability and available insurance. There are many details to address after a serious accident. Our goal is to relieve our clients’ stress.

    Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers at Galfand Berger LLP have secured substantial awards for clients injured in a variety of types of accidents:

    • $3 million settlement for driver who was hit by a tractor-trailer. Our client was a driver who was hit by a large tractor-trailer on an interstate highway. He suffered severe injuries that resulted in the amputation of both legs below the knees. Our investigation revealed that the brakes on the tractor-trailer were worn out, the tires were bald, and the trucker had been driving excessive hours. We were able to recover $3 million on behalf of our client.
    • $2 million recovery for fatal accident involving a truck. Our client was killed at impact after hitting the rear of a construction truck. The accident occurred in a construction zone as the truck pulled onto a highway at night from an unmarked turnaround. We matter was settled for $2 million.

    Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at Galfand Berger LLP Advocate for Clients Harmed in Multi-Vehicle Crashes

    We understand that being involved in a multi-vehicle car accident can be life changing. Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers at Galfand Berger LLP can help. For a free consultation, call us at 800-222-USWA (8792) or fill out our online form. Located in Philadelphia, Reading, Bethlehem, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we proudly serve clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Allentown and Harrisburg.

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