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  • Crock-Pot Manufacturer Facing Numerous Law Suits Due to Consumer Injuries

    crock-potPlaintiffs in a suit against Sunbeam Products Inc. and Newell Brands, its parent company, are claiming that they sustained injuries stemming from a dangerous product defect. The plaintiffs allege that the lids of Sunbeam’s crock-pots contain a defect which causes them to erupt, burning users with the heated contents inside. According to an attorney who is currently representing one of the plaintiffs in their suit against Sunbeam, the manufacturer has already faced several complaints pertaining to the pressure cooker’s alleged defects. The majority of those previous claims settled before going to trial.

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled nearly one million units of Sunbeam’s Crock-Pot 6-Quart Express Multi-Cookers in November, 2020. The hazard, according to the agency, was that the crock-pots were able to pressurize when the lid was not fully locked. Without the lid being fully locked it could detach suddenly from the product, therefore creating burn risks to consumers from the hot liquids and foods that the product would eject. When the CPSC launched the recall, the agency had received 99 reports of burn injuries from consumers. The complications from the reported injuries ranged from first-degree to third-degree burns.

    Litigating a products liability lawsuit is a complex legal process. Oftentimes, the manufacturer will try to place the blame on the consumer, saying that the injuries they sustained resulted from user error as opposed to a product defect or malfunction. Although product recalls are not admissible in court in every jurisdiction, the CPSC’s 2020 recall does aid in strengthening plaintiffs’ claims that Sunbeam’s crock-pots are unreasonably unsafe or defective. Because manufacturers, suppliers and sellers have the duty to produce and/or sell safe products, when a consumer sustains injuries associated with a dangerous product, it is advisable to have an experienced attorney on your side.

    The legal team at Galfand Berger, LLP is among the nation’s pioneers in investigating and litigating all types of products liability cases. For more than 75 years, our attorneys have represented thousands of individuals injured by unsafe and dangerous products. Our lawyers have also helped shape many of the laws that require product manufacturers in Pennsylvania to make their products safer for consumers to use. If you sustained injuries associated with a product due to an unsafe design, manufacturing defect, malfunction, or the failure to provide proper warnings and instructions, someone at our firm can help. To learn more, contact a representative online now.

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