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  • Three of the Most Problematic Medical Devices

    Philadelphia Products Liability Lawyers discuss problematic medical devices. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released more than 6 million reports, all of which detail problems and concerns with an array of medical devices. These reports were not available to the public until now, and all thanks to a fairly new software system developed by a company in order to translate the overwhelming amount of data.

    The company, Device Events, which specializes in investigating FDA databases for important information, was also able to determine which medical devices have the greatest number of patient problems and concerns. According to Device Events, the three medical devices with the highest number of reported issues are:

    • Breast implant devices,
    • Blood glucose tests, and:
    • Dental implants

    Medical devices – just like any other type of device – can be defective, flawed (by design), unreasonably unsafe, or cause unintended and unexpected complications for patients. Our firm is certainly no stranger to this; not too long ago we wrote about the worldwide recall of Allergan-brand textured breast implants, which were linked to hundreds of cases of a deadly and rare form of breast cancer.

    Blood Glucose Test Issues

    Not only did Device Events determine which medical products have the highest number of reported patient problems, but the firm also compiled a list of what the reported problems were. For example, some of the most frequently reported problems with blood glucose test strips are:

    • Component(s) missing;
    • Loss of power;
    • Device displays wrong message;
    • Incorrect or inadequate test results;
    • Device damaged prior to use, and:
    • No display and/or image

    Problems with Breast Implants

    When it comes to breast implant devices, some of the most commonly reported issues are fluid leaks, ruptures (including material ruptures) with unknown cause, abnormal positioning of the device, and deflation. A number of these reported problems could lead to serious – and sometimes deadly – consequences for patients.

    Dental Implants

    Similar to the breast implant and blood glucose test strip devices, dental implants have their own set of frequently reported problems, such as:

    • Mechanical problems;
    • Positioning failures;
    • Fractures and cracks;
    • Product quality problem, and:
    • Product malfunction

    Unsafe or defective medical devices can inflict catastrophic results on unsuspecting patients and their loved ones. Although medical manufacturers are held to rigorous safety and health standards, dangerous products continue to make their way into the medical field.

    The Importance of Information

    Until Device Events decoded the FDA’s data dump of more than 6 million reports, the public had no idea – and that is because manufacturers are allowed to report problems into a database that the public is not given access to. Having transparency in reporting is critical because without it, hundreds of millions of American lives are endangered by defective and otherwise unsafe products.

    If you have questions about a problematic dental implant, breast implant, or blood glucose tests, someone at our firm can help. Please call us directly to learn more.

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