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  • Product Alert: Kotex Recall

    Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers weigh in on recalled feminine hygiene products and explain Toxic Shock Syndrome. The major feminine hygiene manufacturing company Kimberly-Clark – the maker of Kotex tampons – is voluntarily recalling some of its tampons after reports of the products unraveling and leaving parts inside consumers’ bodies have surfaced. In addition to these reports, some consumers have also experienced vaginal infections, irritations, and injuries.

    The Recalled Tampons

    According to a statement from the manufacturer, the product recall is specific to U lots of Kotex Sleek Tampons that are regular absorbency. The recalled tampons were manufactured between October 7, 2016 and October 16, 2018, and then distributed between October 17th and October 23rd of 2018. The packs of defective tampons were available for purchase in 3, 18, or 24 packs. It is still unknown just how many defective tampons are included in the complete recall, so it is critical that consumers check the lot numbers and dates on product boxes.

    Numerous retailers say that they are implementing control measures and other systems to help consumers avoid purchasing recalled lots of Kotex Sleek Tampons. Some stores, for example, are posting notices with recall alerts on them. Because tampons already carry the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome – or TSS – it is even more important to be wary of a defect that allows the product to break down internally.

    What is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

    Toxic Shock Syndrome develops when a tampon (or sometimes an intrauterine device or IUD) is left inside the body for too long – which is one of the main reasons why a defect that causes tampon to come apart during use is especially dangerous for consumers. When a person develops TSS, the most severe side effect is acute septicemia, which is a bacterial blood infection. Just like sepsis, acute septicemia is a type of infection that progresses quickly and can end with tragic – and fatal – consequences.

    Symptoms of TSS

    Toxic Shock Syndrome is caused by either Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacterium, and the condition is usually serious enough that that patient requires hospitalization. If a person is using a tampon in accompaniment with the onset of symptoms, it should be removed right away. Symptoms of TSS to watch out for include:

    • Low blood pressure;
    • High fever;
    • Malaise and confusion;
    • Coma, and:
    • Multiple organ failure

    If you are having symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome and use Kotex Sleek Tampons, you should see a medical professional immediately.

    What to do if You Have Recalled Kotex Tampons

    Because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Kimberly-Clark, the tampon manufacturer, are still unsure of how many lots are included in the total recall, it is essential that consumers report defective products that they have in their possession. To report a recalled 3, 18, or 24 U lot pack of Kotex Sleek Tampons to the FDA, you can do it here.

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