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  • Thanksgiving Travel Safety

    Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers provide safety tips to help commuters avoid Thanksgiving car accidents. Every year around the holiday season, millions of people look forward to celebrating (and eating) with their friends and loved ones. According to a recent press release from the American Automobile Association (AAA), more than 48 million Americans plan to travel 50 miles or more this Thanksgiving (November 22nd). Driving is one of the most popular modes of holiday travel; so taking safety precautions when behind the wheel are essential. Whether you plan on traveling via motor vehicle, bus, train, or airplane this Thanksgiving, we have put together some helpful safety tips for your consideration below.

    Thanksgiving Travel Accidents

    Unfortunately, Thanksgiving ranks as one the most dangerous times of the year for travelers. This is largely in part to a few, main factors: there are more cars on the roads, rates of drunk driving markedly increase, and people are more likely to navigate through new and unfamiliar areas. Just two years ago, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 341 motor vehicle-related fatalities – and in nearly half of the accidents, the driver(s) and/or passenger(s) were not wearing their seatbelts.

    Out of the 48 million people planning to travel this Thanksgiving, the AAA estimates that 90% of them will be driving. Before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle or even riding as a passenger, it is important to take precautions and to be responsible. Here are a few of safety tips:

    • Before getting on the road check tire pressure, the gas tank, and washer fluid levels;
    • Always wear a seatbelt;
    • Do NOT drive impaired. If you plan on drinking or using drugs, designate a sober driver before the festivities begin;
    • Do not drive drowsy;
    • Pack an emergency road kit;
    • Limit all distractions! This means no cell phones, fiddling with the navigation system (if possible, designate a passenger to give directions), and eating or drinking behind the wheel;
    • Observe all speed limits and exercise caution in work zones;
    • Do not drive aggressively or engage with an aggressive driver – and avoid tailgating other vehicles, and;
    • Clean off taillights, headlights and windshield before starting your trip

    Each year, more and more people travel during Thanksgiving. Philadelphia ranks in the AAA’s top 10 list of this year’s preferred Thanksgiving destinations, which means that the area could become more congested than usual. Although driving is the most popular mode of travel, the AAA is also expecting an influx of people getting to their destinations via airplane, train, or bus this year. Regardless of a person’s preferred mode of Thanksgiving travel, here are some general safety tips that everyone can benefit from as you leave your home or prepare to entertain guests:

    • “Stand by your pan” – this means do not leave cooking food unattended and make sure all children are supervised and kept at least 3 feet away from stoves or ovens;
    • Make sure all smoke alarms are in working order;
    • Observe general food safety guidelines (e.g. refrigerate food after 2 hours, ensure that turkeys reach an internal temperature of 165 ° Fahrenheit, etc.);
    • If you will be traveling via airplane, follow luggage and carry-on guidelines, and:
    • If you can, avoid traveling on the Wednesday (21st) before Thanksgiving and the Sunday (the 25th) after, because roads (and airports) experience the highest volume of travel on those dates

    Whatever your travel plans may be this year; the staff here at Galfand Berger would like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving. If you have any questions for a member of our team, please contact our firm directly.

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