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  • Multi-Billion Dollar Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson

    Philadelphia Products Liability Lawyers discuss a huge verdict against Johnson & Johnson for dangerous talc products. The last time we wrote about a verdict against Johnson & Johnson it was a record-breaking $417 million one; this time a jury decided that the company is responsible for paying more than $4.5 billion dollars in compensatory and punitive damages.  A jury awarded twenty-two plaintiffs this recovery after the female consumers developed ovarian cancer linked to J&J’s talc-based products like Shower-to-Shower and baby powder.

    Some Facts on Talcum Powder

    Talc is a mineral that contains a few different elements. Talc is also usually one of the main ingredients in baby powder and other products, which women have used around their genital area for decades. Even though numerous studies have confirmed how dangerous talc is for women, (such as the first one on talc ever conducted, which showed that genital use can increase ovarian cancer risks by as much as 92%) it is still sold and companies like Johnson & Johnson continue to make substantial profits off it.

    J&J’s Negligence

    This recent verdict is the largest one yet against the company. Studies have shown how dangerous talcum powder is for decades, and numerous plaintiffs in suits against J&J allege that their ovarian cancer diagnoses result from long-term exposure to talc as well as asbestos that the product sometimes contains.

    It is impossible to understand why Johnson & Johnson continues to use talc and disputes how dangerous it is for consumer use. Products like baking soda, tapioca starch and cornstarch are all economical – and generally considered safer – alternatives to using talcum powder. Another talc-related health threat is that it sometimes contains asbestos; and there are no regulations in place that require it to be tested before it is distributed to consumers.

    The St. Louis jury that returned the multi-billion dollar verdict decided Johnson & Johnson failed to warn consumers about the risks associated with talcum powder. The jury found that these failures ended up creating unnecessary dangers that resulted in numerous cases of ovarian cancer, some of which had advanced to terminal stages in the affected patients.

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