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  • Fourth of July Safety Tips

    Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers provide Fourth of July safety tips to help you saty safe this summer. Independence Day is rapidly approaching, and with it comes added safety risks. The mood is celebratory, light, and carefree, and when you mix cook-outs, fireworks, or alcohol, the results can be dangerous. The following are a few suggestions for a safer holiday:

    Grill Safety

    Many people who celebrate will light up the grill for their Independence Day feast. In fact, 68 percent of Americans will cook outside over the holiday weekend. You may not know that grilling accidents send twice as many people to the emergency room each year as compared to injury from fireworks. In addition to injuries, grills can cause fires that often destroy landscape, homes, and other structures. If you follow a few safety rules, you can keep your holiday safe and happy.

    • Since 35 percent of gas grill fires occur because of mechanical failure, make sure to check for leaks in containers, hoses, and pipes before you light the grill.
    • Grill heat is intense, so be sure to keep your grill away from structures and maintain at least a three-foot barrier around the grill to keep kids and pets away.
    • Never discard warm ashes or coals in the trash or in a dumpster. Wait until they are completely cold, or you may start a fire.
    • Grill misuse causes approximately 30 percent of barbecue fires. When you use lighter fluid or matches incorrectly, even with a charcoal grill, the results can be dangerous or even fatal. Read all directions and use great care when lighting your grill.
    • Make sure your grill is clean, because grease fires commonly occur from grease or fat build-up on the grate or in the trays below.
    • Never wear loose clothing around a grill as it can easily catch fire while you are leaning over the grill to attend to your meal.
    • Keep a first-aid kit handy to manage any minor injuries.

    Firework Safety

    Fireworks are a staple of the holiday, but it is always best to leave them to the professionals. Even sparklers can be dangerous in the wrong hands, especially with children. They account for 25 percent of emergency room firework injuries and can burn more than 1,800 degrees. Among children ages four and under, sparklers account for virtually all fireworks-related injuries. Fireworks can easily cause fires too, so be sure to keep a fire extinguisher or hose ready if you have patriotic neighbors who are setting off their own fireworks.

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