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OSHA’s Heat Awareness Campaign

Drink Water, Rest Up and Avoid the Sun The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) first launched its campaign “Water. Rest. Shade.” in 2011. In order to increase worker safety and lower the number of preventable heat-related illnesses and deaths, the annual campaign advocates for outreach events, educational sessions and training sessions specifically aimed at[…]

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Pennsylvania: Injured Workers and Opioids

With the goal of striking a balance between abuses by medical professionals who overprescribe opioids to injured workers and the rights of the injured workers themselves to obtain safe and effective medical care, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently vetoed a bill that prioritized profits over people. What is Senate Bill 936 and Why Did Governor[…]

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Swimming Pool Safety

Few things are as inviting as a pool filled with cool water on a hot summer day. However, fun and enjoyment can quickly turn tragic when swimming pool accidents happen. Minor to severe injury and even fatalities by drowning can result from diving accidents, unsupervised children, or slip and falls. When these types of accidents[…]

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Amusement Park Safety

The thrill of an amusement ride draws many people to stand in long lines for the chance to be twisted, spun around, and turned upside down at terrifying speeds. The excitement of surviving such an experience can be exhilarating; but for some people, serious and sometimes fatal injuries can occur on what many assume are[…]

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Consumer Recall: Cordless Electric Chainsaws

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a recall for three different brands of cordless electric chainsaws due to their serious – and potentially lethal – hazards. The recalled models all have a defect that affects their brake guards, which leaves thousands of consumers in danger for serious and preventable injuries. Although no consumer[…]

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