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Heat Related Illnesses

Summer is in full force in Philadelphia and the temperatures have been hot! Recent weather conditions for heat and humidity have broken long standing records, making this summer one of the hottest ever. For construction workers, heat and high temperatures can cause heat stroke and other life-threatening conditions. Exposure to sun, high heat, and stifling[…]

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Workers Still Risk Chemical Exposure

The Chemical Safety Board (CSB) is once again calling on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, to enact effective safety standards to protect workers from deadly and injury-causing combustible dust-related fires and explosions in the workplace. What is Combustible Dust? Combustible dust is any solid material that contains separate particles and/or pieces –[…]

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How Women can Avoid Strokes

Did you know that potassium helps prevent a woman’s chance for having a deadly or permanently disabling stroke? A new study conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine confirms that potassium-rich diets are able to decrease women’s stroke risks by 12% to 16%. Strokes are one of the top five leading causes of death[…]

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Important Changes to Workers’ Compensation Law

As we wrote last summer, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued a significant decision for injured workers.  It ruled that the Impairment Rating Evaluation (“IRE”) section of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act was unconstitutional. 500 Weeks or Ten Year Limit on Workers’ Compensation is Unconstitutional You may have heard of the “500 weeks” or “10[…]

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Philly Bicyclists Face Major Safety Risks

We have previously written about bicycle safety for Philadelphia residents in the past, as well as focusing on what the city does – and does not do – to improve biker, pedestrian, and driver safety. After a fatal accident involving a Caviar delivery bike courier this past May on Spring Garden street, it is important[…]

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