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  • Product Recall for Power Adapters

    Power Adapters with LectroFan Sound Machine are Dangerous to Consumers Due to Shock Hazard


    Philadelphia Products Liability Lawyers secure compensation for consumers harmed by dangerous products. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled over 35,000 LectroFan sound machines.  The reason behind the recall is the machine’s power adapters. The product distributor, Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc (ASTI), has received three reports of the adapters breaking or pulling apart, leaving the metal prongs exposed to contact. Contact with the exposed prongs can result in electric shock, resulting in injury or death.

    The CPSC’s remedy to consumers is to discontinue using the LectroFan sound machine while the ASTI power adapter is in use. In addition to discontinuing use, the commission encourages consumers to disconnect the defective power adapter from the machine so that no electricity is running between parts. The adapter is at the most serious risk of breaking or pulling apart when it is inserted into an electrical outlet.

    If consumers would like to continue using the LectroFan they are able to do so by using a non-ASTI power adapter or plugging the USB cable supplied by LectroFan into a computer. Many consumers use this product to help themselves or their children sleep, since it produces 10 different fan sounds as well as 10 “white noise” sounds.

    Consumers would have purchased this product through between November 2016 and February 2017. The LectroFan sold for about $50 online. Because ASTI is the distributor of the product, it is offering a full financial refund to consumers who contact them. You may view the recall in entirety here.

    You can view the CPSC’s recall to identify whether or not you own an effected model. Machines with different serial numbers of the product have been recalled, as well as products in different colors. If you do own a recalled product, please disconnect the power adapter and use an alternative or stop using it altogether and contact ASTI for a refund.

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