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  • Philadelphia Products Liability Lawyers Report on Tesla Recalls

    Automaker Recalls Over Half of 2016 Vehicles


    Tesla RecallsTesla recently issued a large-scale recall of over two-thirds of the vehicles it manufactured in 2016. The recall includes all Model X and Model S electric cars manufactured between February and October 2016. In total, the company has recalled over 50,000 of its vehicles.

    In an official statement, Tesla cites that there is a problem with the parking brakes in Model S and X vehicles. The defect can cause the parking brake to stick in place, making it impossible to release.

    Parking brakes, or emergency brakes, can cause an array of problems when they malfunction. If a car is driven with a parking brake stuck, it causes friction between the brake pads and rotors of a vehicle; a malfunction like this can cause a problem with stopping effectively. Another issue is that it can cause the brakes of the car itself to become damaged, which can lead to other serious dangers.

    This is not the first recall that Tesla has launched. In 2015, the company recalled nearly 100,000 of its vehicles because of their seatbelts. The company has said that it will replace the brakes in any of the affected vehicles, and that it is safe for consumers to use the S and X models in the meantime. However, if a parking brake is defective and the vehicle is driven, it is possible for the car to have problems with the brakes that could lead to dangers for the driver or passengers, as well as other vehicles on the roadways.

    If you or a family member owns a Model X or Model S electric car manufactured by Tesla from February to October 2016, please contact the manufacturer so that the appropriate repair can be performed. Although the company has said that the affected models are safe to drive prior to repairs because of the potential problems, it is advisable to have a recalled vehicle inspected before going back out on the road.

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