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  • Britax Stroller Recall

    Britax Stroller RecallThe United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has posted a recall of Britax strollers, pulling 676,000 off the market. The recall is due to a damaged receiver mount, which allows for the car seat to disengage, posing a fall hazard to infants. Many children have been injured during use of the Britax stroller.

    The strollers have caused 26 reported injuries. The models affected are both single and double strollers. The stroller has a travel system that includes a car seat portion that can be used in a vehicle or attach to the stroller. The injuries that children suffered ranged from bruises, scratches, bumps to the head and cuts. The recall came on the tail end of over 1,300 reports of Britax strollers with damaged Click & Go receiver mounts, the part of the product that allowed for the car seat to disengage from the stroller’s body. Although 26 injuries occurred, the CPSC received at least 33 reports of the Click & Go mounts detaching and falling.

    Britax has recalled at least two of its models, the Britax B-Agile and the BOB Motion strollers. Both of these models come with the travel system feature. Britax has many other models, some of which come with travel system add-ons, but the CPSC has not yet reported any major issues or concerns.

    The company has warned consumers to immediately discontinue use of the single stroller, and to contact the company for a free repair kit. For double strollers, the company recommends discontinuing use with the car seat portion attached. To view the recall in entirety, please click here. We recommend discontinuing all use of the product to avoid any risk of injury to children.

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