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  • Philadelphia Products Liability Lawyers Discuss Federal Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Samsung

    Federal Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against SamsungSamsung has been hit with an array of issues lately. First, it was their Galaxy Note 7 cell phones that overcharged, overheated and exploded. Now, multiple reports of exploding washing machines have surfaced, making way for a federal class action lawsuit against the manufacturing company. This time around it has been alleged that Samsung was actually aware of the problems with its dangerous washing machines, and did nothing to remedy them. This has led way to various consumers suffering house damages as well as potential injuries as a result of Samsung’s faulty, unsafe machinery.

    The apparent cause of Samsung’s exploding washing machines is due to the strong vibrations and movements caused by the washing machines while they are in use, particularly during a faster spin-cycle. Because of the vibrations while in-cycle, the washing machines can become completely unfastened, thus causing centrifugal explosions, which cause serious damages to the machine itself and any property in its nearby vicinity.

    The centrifuge of a washing machine is the container within the machine that is used to separate fluids by spinning quickly. The rapid movement of the centrifuge, coupled with its lack of stability, is what the class action lawsuit alleges that Samsung was aware of yet failed to issue a safety warning. The lawsuit cites the damages that were sustained to the homes of three consumers in the United States. In response to the lawsuit, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a safety alert regarding Samsung’s washing machines. The alert states that the CPSC, along with Samsung, are working on addressing the safety concerns and complaints relative to many of Samsung’s top-load washing machines.

    Samsung has not had to recall any of its top-load washing machines as of yet. Although the company did issue a statement on their website, it has declined to comment on the pending lawsuit to news outlets. There has been an advisory made by both the CPSC and Samsung, which recommends to consumers who use these top-load washing machines to only run them on lower speeds, such as a delicates-cycle. When run on higher speeds, like “heavy-duty”, the risk of centrifugal explosions increases because of the rapidness of the rotation.

    The lawsuit illustrates that the damages sustained to consumer’s homes were severe. In some cases, the entire lid of the washing machines detached and hit surrounding appliances. In other circumstances, holes were put into walls, along with deep dents and scratches. Luckily,  at this point in time, no one has been injured The federal suit has requested that Samsung take immediate corrective action through the issuance of a product recall and the creation of a consumer warning. It also claims that Samsung has destroyed evidence of the top-load washing machines defectiveness and therefore intentionally put consumers and their property at direct risk for sustaining a range of potential injuries and damages. If you or any of your loved ones own a top-load Samsung washing machine, especially those produced between 2011 and 2016, please be safe and mindful of running them on a lower-speed cycle or by considering to discontinue using them altogether until Samsung has fully responded to these serious allegations.

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