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  • Risks with Pokémon Go

    When Catching Pikachu Becomes Dangerous


    Risks with Pokémon GoThe Pokémon Go game is the newest fad and people from all walks of life are now playing it across the world. The game, which users access through their cellphones, is interactive and involves finding, and catching, different characters in different locations.

    But, Pokémon Go has proven to be a dangerous game as players ignore their surroundings and are injured or cause injury.

    Recently, an elderly woman in Japan was struck by a car and killed. The driver of the vehicle told police that he was playing Pokémon Go when his automobile struck the pedestrian. This is not the first automobile accident that took place while a player was not paying attention and instead was focused too intently on the game. A man also hit his own vehicle into a parked police vehicle while he was playing, saying that he was “distracted.”

    These accidents and injuries seem to take place most often when a player is paying more attention to the screen than surroundings, putting the lives and health of others at risk. Similarly to distracted driving, which has become harmful and even fatal epidemic, the amount of people injuring others or themselves while playing this game is a serious matter.

    However, players are not only causing injuries, but in some instances, have been hurt. The types of injuries that people have sustained vary. They range from bruises to sprains and many players report falling as well. A report of how two young men fell off a cliff in California recently surfaced, begging questions of what influence this game is having when it comes to personal safety.

    In addition, reports have been surfacing about crimes happening that target players. For example, there have been multiple robberies and assaults.

    Although many messages and warnings circulating on social media and in newspapers have appeared to be mostly in jest, the risk of injury is very real. For people who are playing and those who are not, the chance of users not paying attention and injuring themselves or others should not be under-estimated. With recent bouts of robberies targeting Pokémon Go users as well, it is even more meaningful for the game users in particular to pay attention to where they are and who is around them as they are using the application.

    If you are a part of the new Pokémon Go fad, please be careful while you are playing! Remember to look around you, stay safe, and keep having a good time!

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