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  • Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: NASA Roboglove Technology May Help Workers

    NASA Roboglove Technology May Help WorkersMaintaining a strong grip on a tool for an extended period of time can be difficult, particularly if one has sustained a hand injury that has weakened their hand strength. Fortunately, new technology exists that can help provide added grip strength for workers. The Roboglove was originally created for NASA astronauts to help them grip tools in zero gravity. A new version of the Roboglove has been created to help workers avoid repetitive stress injuries.

    Swedish company Bioservo Technologies created the Soft Extra Muscle, or SEM glove, to help provide added grip strength for factory workers whose hands may have been weakened by an injury. The glove has the appearance of a regular glove, except that it covers the forearm and includes a power line that is attached to a bag that holds the battery.

    The SEM glove can be extremely beneficial for factory workers because they can become fatigued quickly when performing repetitive tasks that require grip force. This can affect productivity if the worker gets tired. In addition, serious workplace accidents can occur if a tool is dropped because the worker lost his grip.

    Bioservo plans to make additional improvements to the SEM glove by integrating other features of the Roboglove that will make it even more effective. Based on other developments in technology, including Spring Loaded Technology’s bionic knee brace, these types of devices appear to be the wave of the future when it comes to building strength in individuals who have suffered an injury.

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