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  • Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers: Your Pit Crew

    Your Pit CrewWe know many of our clients enjoy auto racing.  They look forward to the energy of the track as cars move at dizzying speeds; the smell of the rubber on the asphalt; the roaring engines and loud crowds.  It’s intoxicating.  But those racers don’t make it to the finish line on their own.  They have a pit crew to make sure their cars are race-day ready.

    As a Galfand Berger client, you have your own pit crew: a team of lawyers and staff who make sure your case is road-tested and ready-to-go.   It starts the moment you call our office and doesn’t end until your case is resolved. A race car driver pulls into the pit when he needs help from his crew to finish the race.  When you’ve been injured, what do you do? You call your pit crew at Galfand Berger!

    At our law firm, you don’t get just one attorney, you get a team of lawyers, paralegals and secretaries, all ready to take your case across the finish line.  Our skilled attorneys regularly communicate with each other so that you get the benefit of each lawyer’s experience.  Combined, Galfand Berger attorneys have over 220 years of experience!  All of the lessons learned in that time help you get the best representation possible.

    Like a pit crew’s mechanics that have specialized responsibilities when the race car pulls in, our attorneys excel in particular areas of personal injury law. Whether you were injured at work, by a product, in an auto accident, or have a medical malpractice claim, Galfand Berger has a team of attorneys and staff who focus their energy specifically on your type of case.

    And, you don’t just get the attorneys.  Each of our lawyers is supported by skilled paralegals and legal secretaries who make sure the attorneys have all the information they need to successfully represent you.  Our hard-working staff know your case and will get to know you!  Just as pit crew members are constantly talking to each other through headsets, the Galfand Berger attorneys and staff working on your case keep each other informed so that no one misses a beat and your case is running on all cylinders.

    Whether it’s on the racetrack or in the courtroom, you want a team of organized and skilled people to have your back. At Galfand Berger, you get just that.   So when the checkered flag is waived, you finish first!  Contact us online or call 800-222-8792 today to talk to one of our seasoned Philadelphia personal injury lawyers.

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