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  • Summer Fireworks Safety

    Summer Fireworks SafetyFirework displays are an American tradition, with many summer holiday events ending with a grand display of explosive power and color. When handled by firework specialists, firework shows are typically safe events, but when amateurs try to act as professionals, disaster can strike. Emergency rooms see a high rate of patients in the summer with eye injuries, serious burns, and severed fingers and toes resulting from recreational use of fireworks.

    The U.S. Product Safety Commission reports that in the month of July, an average of 230 people per day are rushed to the hospital with injuries related to fireworks. The majority of these injuries are suffered at the hands of family members and friends who try to ignite these explosives without professional training. More than half of those seen in the ER have burn injuries ranging from moderate to severe. Typically, the hands and feet are most affected, with head and eye injuries a close second.

    There are many different types of fireworks available. Sparklers, bottle rockets, Roman Candles, and firecrackers can be legally purchased in many states, which entice the general public to spice up their barbecues and picnics with a nighttime display of pyrotechnics. The National Council on Fireworks Safety recommends that pyrotechnics be left to the professionals, but for those that choose to handle fireworks personally, they offer several safety tips to reduce the risk of injury and burns.

    Fireworks Safety:

    • Only responsible adults should handle fireworks.
    • Always purchase fireworks from a reputable source and know the local laws and ordinances in your area.
    • Read all labels and directions on fireworks packaging carefully before attempting to use them.
    • Keep children and pets a safe distance from the area where the fireworks will be set off and be sure to point the fireworks away from people and houses.
    • Light only one firework at a time and never try to relight one that didn’t ignite.
    • Unused or faulty fireworks should be completely cooled and then soaked in water before being thrown away.
    • Protective safety glasses and shoes should be worn at all times when handling fireworks.
    • Fireworks and their embers can cause fires to start in nearby homes, buildings, and trees. Always have a source of water and working hose nearby when using fireworks.
    • Never carry fireworks on your body or ignite them in metal or glass containers.
    • Report illegal fireworks to your local police or fire department.

    Be sure to make your summer holiday celebrations safe and fun for all. Use extreme caution when handling fireworks or when attending events where non-professionals are using fireworks. Make sure to follow the advice of the National Safety Council.

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