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  • Philadelphia Products Liability Lawyers: Ikea Recall

    Ikea Launches Massive Recall After Dressers Cause Injuries and Deaths

    Ikea RecallOver 29 million Ikea model dressers have been recalled after multiple reports revealed that several injuries and deaths have occurred because the dressers tip and/or fall over. The products recalled include dressers from Ikea’s lower-cost Malm line, which has been plagued with consumer reports regarding injuries and deaths.

    The recall became public after the deaths of three infants. Some of the models of dressers that were recalled were ten years old. After these terrible accidents occurred, the dressers were industry-tested for stability.  They failed these tests.

    After news of the massive, nationwide recall broke, the USA Ikea branch president, Lars Petersson went as far as to ask all consumers who own any of the recalled models to “please take them out” of any or all rooms that are accessible to children because of how dangerous – even deadly — they have proven themselves to be.

    This is not a new issue for Ikea. In the past they have asked their consumers, after complaints of dressers and/or other items tipping or falling over, to secure the products to walls. Ikea also began offering free anchoring kits, as opposed to recalling the products and regulating them to be up to par with industry safety standards.

    Ikea’s initial refusal to redesign these faulty products solicited a strong response from safety advocates. Safety advocates proclaimed that Ikea’s actions  were insufficient and that greater measures should have been taken.

    National medical data shows that multiple people die and thousands are injured annually because of “tip-overs”. The most recent toddler who lost his life marked the third in less than 2 years. All three infants had died after their Malm-dressers fell over.

    Ikea has now officially recalled the products and is also offering financial refunds. The company is also working on a “repair program”, which includes 27 million products, including some of the Malm models. Ikea has also said that for any consumers who wish to keep their products that they will send a staff member out to their home to properly anchor the device to the wall.

    While the recall is in effect, legislators are also trying to make changes to the industry. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey said that he hopes that one day there will be mandatory stability standards as opposed to voluntary ones, which allow for injuries and deaths such as these. Mandatory stability standards would require a close regulation of  products and would protect the lives of consumers.

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