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  • Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Improvements in Colon Cancer Screening and Prevention

    Improvements in Colon Cancer Screening and PreventionColon cancer is the third most common of all cancers. Because we know that many of our clients may suffer from colorectal cancer we are providing the following information. If you have any medical questions or concerns please contact your healthcare provider directly.

    Although colorectal cancer affects many Americans, it is the second-highest cause of death for all cancers. Typically, colon cancer screening begins around the age of 50, but because more and more young people have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, screenings are now targeting younger populations.

    If treated early, colon cancer is usually preventable. Doctors have found that the best way to prevent the cancer from worsening is by identifying and removing lesions that have developed. These lesions are normally called adenomas. When the adenomas are identified and removed it is typically early enough – and before the colon cancer has spread – to promote a positive outcome.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with the American Cancer Society (ACS) have joined together with the common goal of testing the remaining 40% of the American population who have not yet been screened for colon cancer. Nearly 700 other organizations have joined in this fight against colorectal cancer and are trying to decrease any preventative costs for patients.

    Preventative screenings, such as colonoscopies, have been taking place since 1975. Since that date, the death rates from colon cancer have decreased by 50%. In recent years, the death rate has continued to decrease as numbers of patients going in for preventative screenings and care has increased. While colonoscopies are the techniques used most often, there are also newer, slightly less invasive methods.

    When it comes to colorectal cancer it is obvious that the link between screenings and diagnoses is a significant one. The more people who have testing done in turn increases the number of people who survive the diagnosis. Once again, if you or your loved ones have any medical questions, please contact your doctor or provider directly.

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