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  • Back Pain? Study Reveals How to Help!

    Back Pain? Study Reveals How to Help!A group of scientists based out of Sydney, Australia recently published a study on how to prevent back pain. Not only was the George Institute for Global Health involved in the study, but there were other institutions that participated as well. The team looked at the cases of more than 30,000 who had suffered from or actively were suffering with back pain and problems, and was able to find that certain lifestyle changes proved to be effective in treatment and prevention. Because we know many of our clients suffer from back pain, we thought it worth sharing this study. Of course, before making any lifestyle change it is important to consult with a medical professional.

    Almost all of us have experienced back pain at some point in our lives, and some of us may even consider occasional, moderate-to-severe back pain to be near common. Even though back pain is something that 80% or more people will suffer, the amount of studies on preventative measures is surprisingly limited. The study, which was published in a review by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), set forth and tested a few different methods and found that physical activity was by far the most helpful when it came to preventing back pain.

    One of the unfortunate realities of back pain is that once it has happened, the chances of it occurring again go up drastically. What that means is that prevention is key. The team of researchers found that if people implemented an exercise program after having back pain that their chances of having another episode within the next 12 months went down by almost 50%. Exercise proved itself to be key to preventing future bouts of back pain and problems. The study also included the use of shoe orthotics and back belts: both of these methods proved to be almost completely ineffective when it came to helping with back pain or limiting its future chances. Not only did exercise cause the likelihood of another back problem to decrease by almost one-half the amount, but the programs also typically featured an educational program on back pain.

    Maintaining regular exercise is the most important factor in limiting current (and preventing future!) back pain. The study showed that after one year, many people who had exercised and whose backs had gotten better began to experience back problems of some sort again. The group of scientists deduced that this was because people stopped exercising. They concluded that it is important to start exercising if your back is bothering you and to maintain a lifestyle including exercise. The study recommends staying active and plenty of exercise to help you kick that back pain for good. Remember, it is important to consult a medical professional first before beginning any exercise routine or changes in lifestyle!

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