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  • National Report Shows That Traffic Fatalities Have Increased

    National Report Shows That Traffic Fatalities Have IncreasedNot only did the number of fatal car accidents go up but the number of miles that people drove climbed 3.5% as well. The National Safety Council reported that people were probably traveling more due to positive economic changes and fewer people being unemployed. The council also reported that gas prices had gone down an average 28% across the U.S. as a contributing factor in respect to people driving more often or longer. The financial cost of the accidents, deaths, injuries and damages last year came to a whopping $412.1 billion dollars. The total also included costs of medical expenses, property damages and wage and productivity losses.

    While the accidents and damages accrued in 2015 proved to be costly, the loss of 38,000 lives was immeasurable. Additionally, with 4.4 million people injured, the amount of people whose lives were dramatically changed or even lost is far-reaching. While we all know to be cautious and alert while driving, the report shows the reality of traffic deaths and accidents through numbers. Although in cities and states across the country there are efforts being made to make our roads safer, they are sadly still a dangerous and risky place.

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