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  • Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Scissor Lift Hazard Alert

    Scissor Lift Hazard AlertOSHA (the Occupational Health and Safety Administration) conducted an in-depth investigation of workplace injuries and fatalities that involved scissor lifts. Scissor lifts are platforms that move vertically and are used in a variety of different workplaces. OSHA’s investigation revealed that there were three areas that contributed the most to workplace injuries and fatalities involving scissor lifts.

    The investigation took place over a one-year period and the injuries and fatalities that OSHA studied shed light on several problems. The three main areas of concern were stabilization, fall protection and positioning. In response to these findings, OSHA released some safety tips for both employees and employers who work on or around scissor lifts.

    OSHA’s Scissor Lift Safety Tips

    • Make sure that no other equipment will come into contact with the scissor lift
    • Insure that all surfaces are stable and level
    • Monitor weather conditions (particularly wind) and do not use scissor lift under inclement conditions
    • Use guardrails and safety equipment
    • Remain stable while on the platform: do not position yourself far away from a work area
    • Try to limit sudden movements
    • Position the scissor lift to avoid any risk of crushing
    • Keep scissor lift away from power lines and limit the risk of electrocution
    • Be communicative and alert while operating or being in the vicinity of an operative scissor lift

    Although it is always important to be careful and alert while at work, it is the responsibility of the employer to maintain workplace standards and safety for their employees. However, workplace injuries and fatalities do still occur, as OSHA’s investigative study detailed. Employers should make sure that all scissor lifts are properly inspected and serviced per the manufacturer’s requirements. In addition, employees should receive scissor lift hazard training. To view the full list of OSHA guidelines as well as the remainder of the scissor lift safety tips, click here.

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