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  • Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers Discuss Latest Developments in Volkswagen Emissions Recall

    In January of 2016, Volkswagen will launch a massive recall for all cars affected by the emissions scandal that has tarnished the company’s reputation. Once the German authorities have approved the company’s proposed plan to fix the cars, Volkswagen expects to start the recall in January of 2016, and have it completed by the end the year.

    U.S. environmental regulators claim that Volkswagen intentionally installed software into some of its car models in order to allow them to perform more efficiently on emissions tests than they would on the road. According to Volkswagen Chief Executive, Matthias Muller, a software update would suffice for most cars, but some vehicles require new fuel injection equipment and catalytic converters.

    While Muller recognized that Volkswagen will be facing hefty fines and damage claims, he highlighted the fact that no one was fatally injured and reiterated that their automobiles are safe. He also stressed that few employees were involved in the scandal. The company is cooperating with an internal and external investigation which will reveal exactly how many employees were involved.

    The company’s original plan to build new factories, distribute dozens of new car models and develop new technologies like electric cars, self-driving cars and cars that connect to the Internet will likely need to be significantly revised due to the product liability issue regarding their vehicles.

    Muller is prepared to travel to the U.S. to issue a formal apology. The CEO of Volkswagen of America is scheduled to testify before a congressional hearing on the Volkswagen emissions scandal this month.

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