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  • Metal Decking Construction Safety

    Structural collapse is the second most common cause of death in the construction industry, behind only falls. Often these accidents are preventable with proper safety procedures.  Previously, construction accidents due to falls were covered on this blog. This time, we’ll be discussing metal decking’s role in building stability and worker safety.

    Metal decking is important in preventing building collapses during construction as well as providing safety for workers. OSHA standard 1926.754 covers metal decking in construction.  It is important that metal decking is properly installed to provide its full benefits. Also, openings, covers, and edges should be properly marked.

    Metal decking must be properly aligned and secured to realize its full benefits. The decking should also be free of tripping hazards such as liquid lubricants.  Fall protection should be installed around large openings like elevator shafts or stairwells. Covers for openings should be clearly marked with “Hole” or “Cover” and the covering should support at least twice a person’s weight.

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