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  • Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers: May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

    Motorcycle Awareness Month stresses the importance of all drivers sharing the road.  And, it is an opportunity to remind cyclists about motorcycle safety and safe riding techniques.

    In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf issued a press release reminding drivers about the various training courses for motorcycle safety offered through state programs.

    Pennsylvania offers free motorcycle training through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PAMSP) to residents with a motorcycle license or permit. The courses available through this program target beginning riders, advanced riders, or owners of three wheeled motorcycles.  Motorcyclists can register for these courses at the PAMSP website.

    PennDOT has both English and Spanish language motorcycle operator manuals on their website. The manual covers a broad range of topics, from helmet safety to safe following distance and proper maintenance. It stresses that helmets dramatically reduce injuries in the most common accidents, and that you should wear a helmet even if a rider is travelling a short distance at a low speed, as many accidents occur in precisely that situation. It also covers what type of clothing will protect motorcyclists most while riding.

    The manual also discusses what checks should be performed before starting a motorcycle, such as checking tire pressure, mirror positions and fluid levels, and cautions that riders should familiarize themselves with their motorcycle’s handling in a safe space before riding in normal situations.  How to remain visible to cars and the position of their blind spots is included in the manual. The manual summarizes the legal responsibilities of a motorcycle owner and the risks of driving when impaired by alcohol or other substances.

    Motorcycle safety is an important issue in Pennsylvania, as 186 people died and 3,284 people were injured last year in motorcycle accidents. Increased awareness of safety techniques and equipment and other road users being more aware of motorcyclists may help prevent these tragedies.

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