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  • Category: Marc S. Jacobs, Esq.

    The 2012 Update on Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Cases

    The law in Workers’ Compensation continues to change with numerous decisions by both the Commonwealth Court and Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Insurance carriers have attempted to deny workers their benefits by use of various techniques. They have tried to identify “employees” as “independent contractors” so that coverage would not apply. They have refused to acknowledge the right of employees to file for additional benefits under the Uninsured Motorist coverage policy on an employer’s auto or truck policy. Retirement always comes into play and the use of proper forms raises questions of when and how often such forms have to be used. Here are some cases that may apply to you.

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    The Pennsylvania Chamber Of Business And Industry Is Attacking Rights of Injured Workers

    There have always been constant challenges by employers, insurance companies and the Chamber of Commerce to an injured worker’s right to receive reasonable and necessary medical treatment under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

    Now, new proposed legislation not only wants to strip away existing rights to receive medical treatment but also interfere with personal privacy and interferes with the decision of health care providers who are willing to treat injured workers fairly and in a decent way.

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    Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Attorney: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Expands Definition of Employee

    Recently, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a very important decision expanding the definition of the term employee under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act (“Act”): Six L’s Packing Co., v. WCAB (Williamson), PICS No. 12-1047 (2012).

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