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  • Category: Nursing Home Negligence

    Nursing Home Residents Stranded When Care Facilities Go Out of Business

    During its prime, Skyline Healthcare managed or owned more than 100 nursing facilities in 11 states. But when the company started to fail two years ago, more than one dozen of its facilities were shut down and nearly 1,000 residents were forced to relocate – and many were given barely any warning. This is not[…]

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    Fines Against Negligent Nursing Homes Lowered, Endangering Patient Safety

    Because of recent changes in regulations, financial penalties against negligent nursing homes are dropping, to the detriment of patient safety. In 2016, the average fine was more than $41,000, now it is $28,405. Negligent nursing homes are fined when they endanger residents or are responsible for a victim’s injuries. Opponents of the new rule, which[…]

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    Nursing Home Abuse Largely Underreported

    According to a report compiled by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), over one-third of nursing home abuse cases fail to be reported to law enforcement agencies. As a result, vulnerable patients who should be receiving comprehensive care continue to be put at risk for[…]

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    Where Were Emergency AC Systems During the Hurricane?

    After Hurricane Wilma hit Florida in 2005, state legislators took action to try to protect especially vulnerable populations in the case of another hurricane. One proposal would have required nursing homes to install generators able to power cooling systems, so that patients would be protected from exposure to dangerous temperatures. But when the bill reached[…]

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    Philadelphia Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers Discuss Potential Changes to Regulations

    Pennsylvania lawmakers could be making some changes to nursing home regulations. A task force within the Department of Health conducted a recent review of these regulations and found that patients might be better served by oversight that prioritizes quality of life, rather than quality of a facility. The department made some specific policy recommendations and[…]

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