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  • Category: Medical Negligence

    How Women can Avoid Strokes

    Did you know that potassium helps prevent a woman’s chance for having a deadly or permanently disabling stroke? A new study conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine confirms that potassium-rich diets are able to decrease women’s stroke risks by 12% to 16%. Strokes are one of the top five leading causes of death[…]

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    New Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines

    Recently, the American Cancer Society (ACS) released its updated guidelines for colorectal cancer screening. One of the biggest takeaways is that most people should now start getting screened at the age of 45 (older guidelines recommended starting screenings at 50-years-old and above), though the ACS made some other changes that are also important to note.[…]

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    Flu Shot Recommendations

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released its new recommendations for parents and caregivers on what the best – and safest – flu vaccinations are for the upcoming 2018-2019 season. Last year was the most severe flu season the country has experienced since 2009; luckily, influenza vaccinations are one of the most effective ways to[…]

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    Poorly Designed Health Records May Put Patients at Risk

    Maryland’s MedStar non-profit healthcare system recently conducted a study on the safety and efficiency of electronic medical records in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. Nearly 600 of the two million safety reports studied showed that a patient’s safety was compromised by problems in the electronic medical record system’s software. While the Electronic Health Records (EHR)[…]

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    Health Alert: Eye Strokes

    According to findings presented at a recent international stroke conference and hosted by the American Stroke Association (ASA), individuals who have eye strokes often fail to receive proper medical care and comprehensive evaluations. As a result of these failures, eye stroke patients face substantial risks for having different, even more dangerous and deadly kinds of[…]

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