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  • Category: Machinery Injuries

    What Are the Hazards of Metal Casting?

    Metal casting is one of the backbones of manufacturing in the U.S., providing jobs to nearly 490,000 workers. The parts produced by workers in metal casting foundries are found in all sorts of products, including automobiles, trains, trucks, medical devices, appliances, and toys. About 90 percent of the world’s durable goods include component parts that[…]

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    Industrial Machine Accidents Do Not Happen by Chance

    Manufacturers of industrial machines and employers whose workers operate heavy machinery and equipment are legally responsible for worker safety. Understanding the root causes of industrial accidents can help prevent the many thousands of serious and fatal injuries that continue to happen. Accidents do not just happen, there is always a cause. Research shows that the[…]

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    The Dangers of Unguarded Machinery

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently issued 12 safety citations to a Florida electrical cable company after a 26-year-old machine operator lost his life in a fatal work accident. OSHA found that the company failed to provide adequate safety measures to protect the worker’s life, such as properly guarding machinery as well as[…]

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