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  • Category: Forklift Injury

    Defective Forklifts and Workplace Injuries

    Many companies throughout the United States rely on their workers to operate forklifts every day. These large pieces of moving machinery are used to load and unload trucks, move heavy items, and clear space on loading docks, but they can pose significant hazards to workers. Despite the forklift requirements provided by the Occupational Safety and[…]

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    What are the Dangers of Forklifts Without Safety Features?

    Each year, forklift accidents result in serious injuries to more than 7,000 workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). More than one percent of those accidents result in fatalities. The most common types of forklift accidents include the following: Pedestrians struck or crushed by forklift prongs or loads Forklift tip-overs Falls from a[…]

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    National Forklift Safety Day

    The construction industry highlights the importance of safely maintaining and operating forklifts on National Forklift Safety Day.  Held in Washington, D.C. on June 11, the day focuses on the need for safe use of forklifts and increased operator training. As forklift use increases in the workplace, the goal of the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) is[…]

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    Accidents at Distribution Centers

    Pennsylvania has become a hub for warehouse and distribution centers. Companies like Food Lion Distribution, Target, K-Mart, Staples, Proctor & Gamble, Georgia Pacific, Ross Distribution, Office Depot, Amazon, and Lindt Chocolate have made Pennsylvania their home.   With these increased facilities, we see more and more serious and sometimes fatal workplace injuries. Tight delivery schedules and[…]

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    It is Critical to Provide Forklift Safety Training

      The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) found that workers who lack basic forklift safety training are at an increased risk for injury and death while operating them. There are 62,000 non-serious injuries and 35,000 serious injuries from forklifts each year, so it is important that employers do as much to prevent[…]

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