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  • April: Distracted Driving Month

    Did you know that April marks Distracted Driving Awareness Month? At least 9 people die in accidents that involve distracted driving every day – and an average of 100 others sustain injuries that range from mild to severe. A variety of activities and behaviors can distract drivers behind the wheel, but every single one is[…]

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    Two-Thirds of Philly Drivers Use Their Phones in Cars

    Despite knowing how dangerous it is to use mobile phones while driving, a recent survey shows that two-thirds of Philly drivers admit doing it when they should be focusing on the road. Researchers assert that smartphones – and their apps for music, navigation, and so much more – have made it even more difficult for[…]

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    One-Third of Teens Text Behind the Wheel

    According to a recently published study in the Journal of Adolescent Health, at least one in three teenagers admit to texting while driving. More than 101,000 teenagers 14-years-old and above were asked a variety of questions about unsafe driving behaviors – and the findings are both eye opening and scary. Teen Driving Statistics The Centers[…]

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    Memorial Day Travel Safety

    Memorial Day honors the brave men and women that died while serving our country in the military. The holiday has also become the unofficial start of summer, with a long weekend that typically includes barbeques, family gatherings, and parades.  As a result, travel over the Memorial Day weekend significantly increases, making this a dangerous weekend[…]

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    The Epidemic of Distracted Driving

    In observation of distracted driving awareness month, we’re writing about this major public health concern again. Although the number of injuries and fatalities related to distracted driving was steadily decreasing before 2007, they have been growing ever since. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 10 people in the United States die every[…]

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