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  • This Month is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

    Motorcycles may be fun, exciting and fast – but they are also quite dangerous to ride. In fact, although only representing 3% of registered motor vehicles on the road, motorcycles account for 14% of all traffic-related fatalities. Each May, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) sponsors Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month to remind all motorists[…]

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    April 28th is Workers’ Memorial Day

    Workers’ Memorial Day is observed by individuals and organizations across the globe. Every year, April 28th is a day of remembrance and action in honor of workers who have been killed, disabled, injured, or made ill by their work. For locals, PhilaPOSH (the Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety and Health) will be hosting its[…]

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    DOL’s New Rule to Limit Coal Miner’s Exposure to Silica Dust

    Black lung disease, which occurs when a person inhales coal dust – particularly silica dust – is most common among coal miners. Because of this, it is often considered an occupational disease. Although there is a wealth of information on how dangerous inhalable silica is and documenting the multitude of harm that it causes, allowable[…]

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    April: Distracted Driving Awareness Month

    Distracted driving poses a significant threat to public health; each year, approximately 3,000 people lose their lives in car accidents involving distracted drivers. To combat known dangers, the National Safety Council (NSC) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) sponsor Distracted Driving Awareness Month every April. One of the campaign’s primary missions is to share[…]

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    Why are so Many “Never Events” Happening?

    You may not have heard of a “never event” before and chances are, you do not want to. The National Institute of Health or NIH defines “never events” as a subset of patient safety incidents that are both preventable and so serious that they should never occur. Events like these include performing an operation on[…]

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