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  • Now What Happens?

    By Debra A. Jensen, Managing Partner, Galfand Berger, LLP Like he did every morning, Tom got ready for work. He had breakfast with the kids before sending them off to the bus stop. Tom’s wife kissed him goodbye, and they both headed off to their jobs. Tom worked on a factory production line. He arrived[…]

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    Galfand Berger Favorite Holiday Recipes

    Deb Jensen’s mom, Addie, was a wonderful cook.  One of her favorite holiday recipes was brisket. Follow this link to try out this beloved family dish!

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    Multi-Million Dollar Recoveries for Galfand Berger Clients this Summer

    Galfand Berger attorneys continue to achieve significant results for our clients.  We hire the experts, get the records, fully investigate the case,  and stand nose-to-nose against teams of lawyers who represent corporations and insurance companies.  We are the voice for our clients in the civil justice system:  workers, consumers, and motorists who all too often[…]

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    Information about MRSA for Patients and Their Loved Ones

    Whenever we hear the word “MRSA” we start to think the worst. Why? Because MRSA infections, otherwise known as “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus” infections are […]

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    Advice From Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Do You Know What’s in Your Medical Records?  You Should!!

    Do you know the last time you had a tetanus shot? What about your cholesterol levels; are they elevated? What is your vaccination history? Your last recorded […]

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