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  • $149,500 Recovery for Upper Back Pain and Resulting Migraine Condition

    Case Summary:

    Our client suffered an injury lifting heavy material for his job. Although the employer initially recognized this as a work injury, they restricted the injury to the low back despite the fact that our client complained of pain in his upper back leading to severe migraine headaches as well. Eventually, the employer filed a petition to terminate benefits, alleging that our client had fully recovered. We called client’s treating neurologist as a witness to testify in support of his claim that his headaches were work related. The doctor also testified that our client suffered from Post-Concussion Syndrome, causing headaches with need for ongoing medication


    The employer acknowledged that the doctor was correct and agreed to pay for the migraine headaches. Eventually, the case settled for $149,500 with medication. Additionally, our client was awarded Social Security Disability benefits.