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  • $150,000 Recovery for Truck-Driver’s Disc Herniation

    Case Summary:

    Our client was a hard working truck driver who made a lot of deliveries, which required daily repetitive lifting, bending and twisting as he worked with heavy loads.

    Claimant’s back pain came on gradually over a period of time. Each day he worked, the pain became worse until he herniated a disc and could no longer work. However, his employer refused to recognize the injury, alleging that our client never gave notice of the injury as required or in a timely manner, and refused to pay medical bills.

    We filed a petition and established through testimony the heavy-duty work our client performed day in and day out. We very intensely cross-examined the mangers, who alleged that no notice of an injury was given, bringing out inconsistent stories from one manager compared to another.


    We successfully litigated the case and eventually settled for $150,000, with the added provision that our client could receive a year’s worth of treatment paid for by his employer.