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  • $130,000 for Factory Worker who Sustained Lung Injury due to Occupational Exposure

    Case Summary:

    Claimant was a factory worker who sustained multiple, severe lung injuries due to exposure to hazardous chemical dusts while in the course and scope of employment. When claimant’s Workers’ Compensation benefits were initially denied, Philadelphia injury lawyers at Galfand Berger filed a claim. Although expert medical testimony was offered on both sides the expert testifying on behalf of claimant was found to be more credible and persuasive and claimant began receiving weekly benefits.


    Although claimant has been receiving weekly Workers’ Compensation benefits since 1995, the case was recently revisited and, as a result of our efforts, was resolved for a lump sum of $130,000.00. In addition, the carrier agreed to fund a Medicare Set Aside to ensure coverage of claimant’s future medical expenses.