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  • $937,500 in Delaware Palletizer Accident Wrongful Death Case

    Garrison v. Mollers North America Inc. and Mollers Machine Fabrik 

    Case Summary:

    Our 43-year-old client was working at General Chemical Corporation at the time of the accident that caused his death.  On the date of the accident, our client was in the process of determining why the palletizer machine, manufactured by defendants, was malfunctioning.  The palletizer was used as a stacking device that hoisted bags of product to the next level of the stacked product.  While in the process of examining the malfunction our client’s head was crushed by the moving arm of the palletizer’s main frame.

    The palletizer machine was defective as designed because it did not contain appropriate and necessary safeguarding devices to prevent contact with the moving parts of the machine.  There were several alternative designs that could have prevented accidents such as the one that caused our client’s death.  One alternative would have been to have an electronic eye that shot out a beam of light and would automatically deactivate the machine if anyone crossed the beam.  The palletizer could also have contained a contact bar that would have deactivated the machine if an individual came too close to any of the machine’s moving parts.  The defective machine could also have included an interlock device that would cover the moving parts and deactivate the machine if removed.


    The jury returned a verdict of $937,500, reduced by 25% for our client’s comparative negligence.  The wrongful death case was handled by Philadelphia products liability attorney, Richard M. Jurewicz, of Galfand Berger. For more information on this case, please call our law offices at 1-800-222-USWA (8792) or contact Mr. Jurewicz at [email protected].